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    Is it possible to have any colour you need – anywhere, anytime? We take basic colours, and mix them together to make a whole range of colours that blow your mind. That’s what the new Artera can do for you. And it’s easy.


    Artera, the device based on cutting-edge technologies in mechanics and electronics, will become a personal helpmate in your creative activities. Whenever you feel inspired – in your hobby, on a journey, or on holiday – this gadget will always be there for you. A bright, colourful future contained in one smart, light, compact device.


    A range of tips (pen and marker) for Artera provides great possibilities for your creative ambitions – draw bright sketches, make striking notes, do calligraphy, make documents in a way that will grab the reader’s attention.

    Install Artera application on your smartphone and use it to choose a colour you like from a palette where the number of colours is really unlimited. In the app, you can manually type in a colour’s digital code, save your favourite colours in a library, or share them with your friends. 

    You can scan a colour by a sensor at the top of the pen. When scanning is finished a special indicator on the gadget or in the app on your smartphone will show the scanned colour.